SAHE is a family owned chill pork deboning and frozen pork processing company. 

Our chill pork comes from Indonesia and Australia. The frozen pork comes from all over the world, predominantly USA, Brazil, Holland, Spain, Germany and Poland

We distribute to supermarket, wet market, food stalls, restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers.

We are a HACCP certified company.


Our origin: Pig Farmer

We were pig farmers from the 60's to late 80's in Singapore.

Our farm, originally in Choa Chu Kang, was relocated to Punggol in 1976 following the government policy to consolidate pig farming in Punggol.

In 1987 the farm was shut down due to change in government policy to phase out pig farming. 


The old SAHE

The name "SAHE" is actually the acronym of "Singapore Animal Husbandry Enterprise" .

Singapore Animal Husbandry Enterprise (SAHE) was formed as a cooperative by Singapore Livestock Farmers' Association in 1979. The investors comprised of more than 100 pig (and some poultry) farmers. We were one of the small investors.

SAHE spearheaded the concept of current day air-conditioned dry market. The main aim was to sell the members' produce directly to consumers without the intervention of middlemen. It also helped to stabilise the price of pigs sold, while at the same time lowered the price of pork and chicken sold to consumers. 

The first air-conditioned SAHE farmers' mart  was opened in 1981 at Serangoon Gardens. A few months later, the second outlet at Upper Thomson was opened. By 1985 SAHE had opened another 3 branches, notably at Siglap, Holland Village and Pek Kio. The first dry market in HDB estate was opened in 1985 at Bukit Batok. The following year, the largest outlet was opened at Bedok Reservoir.

The farmers' mart business was profitable. However due to unknown reason, the company files for petition in 1987. The 7 branches of farmers' mart were sold to directors and shareholders who had given loan to the company.


The new SAHE

Up till 1987, there was no direct relationship between SAHE and our family except that we were one of the small investor.

As early as 1986, we were approached by the management of SAHE to buy over one of the outlet.  We bought the Thomson Road Branch. The rest of the branches were sold to other investors, whom had chosen to close the respective operation to re-coup the lost in investment.

The current SAHE Food Enterprise was thus the privatisation of the SAHE (Thomson Rd) branch. We incorporated SAHE as a private limited company on 8th October 1987. Our pig farm was closed at about the same time/

We continued to operate as a mini-mart for the next 10 years. In 1997, we decided to capitalise on our core competency on pork deboning and ceased operation of the mini-mart business.

Our first deboning factory for chill pork was set up in 1997 at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 3. The cold chain concept was incorporated in the design of the factory. The factory was lated relocated to Gourmet East Kitchen at Bedok in 2004.

The name "SAHE (Thomson Rd)" was changed to SAHE Food Enterprise in 2005 to better reflects our new operation. The logo was also changed at the same time.

In 2008, we relocated to our current premises at 52 Senoko Drive.  The current premises has cold room facilities for frozen pork.