Natural Pork

Healthy Pork

What is Natural Pork?


Natural Pork comes from pigs that are naturally processed.

To be classified as natural pork, the pigs shall not  be fed with:


growth hormones

medicated feed, and

animal protein by-products

As such, the pigs have to be of strong genetics through generations of selective breeding and not sperms bought from genetics farms. In addition the pigs take the natural course of 7 months to mature instead of the 3-4 months for current commercial pig farms.

Salmon Creek Farms (SCF)


SAHE Food is the sole distributor of Natural Pork from Salmon Creek Farms of USA.  The farms are USDA (US Department of Agriculture) certified to be producing natural pork.

Family owned non-commercial farms


SCF Natural Pork farms are non-commercial family owned farms. The farmers are Hutterites living in the pristine remote prairies in Montana. Only small scale family owned farms can ensure pigs do not fall sick, and are naturally grown.

Why the pork taste different even it looks the same?


How a piece of pork taste depends on what the pigs eat and drink. 

Our pigs are fed manly on corn, wheat and barley. The corn gives the pork a fragrant taste, while the barley gives the pork a sweet taste. Corn and barley are expensive feed for pigs. However, these are grown by the Hutterites themselves.

In addition, the one that gives Natural Pork the distinctive taste is the snow mountain spring water from underground. These are mineral water that provides the nutrients to the pigs. Few farms in the world have such privilege of feeding snow mountain spring water to the pigs.